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Delivery Gone Wrong Leads Zebulon Woman To Call Five On Your Side

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ZEBULON, N.C. — Sometimes, property can be damaged by delivery people. But when it happens, most people expect the company involved to fix the problem.

As Ruby Watkins found out, however, that does not always happen.

In September, a Sears delivery truck clipped an electrical line and pulled it from Watkins' house. She said her son questioned the driver when it happened.

"The deliveryman said it wasn't his problem -- that somebody would have to call Sears," Watkins said.

So, Watkins called Sears, but a company representative told her there was nothing the company could do.

"I guess I was shocked," Watkins said. "I was devastated that someone could deliver an appliance and leave your house with a line -- that at that time -- was live and could have killed or injured someone."

Watkins called an electrician, who disconnected the power. She got repair estimates and said she tried for the next couple of months to get Sears to pay for it.

"(I) wrote letters, faxed them invoices of what it would cost," she said. "Got no response to my satisfaction, so, therefore I called Five on Your Side."

When Five On Your Side producers contacted Sears, a representative called Watkins to get her estimates and agreed to pay for the estimated $500 repair.

"I'm ready to get it repaired, and I will be happy," Watkins said.

While Sears would not talk about the delay in responding to Watkins' request, she did get her check and hopes to have the line fixed within a week.

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