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'No-Tech' Football Tops 'Fabulous 14' List For Games

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Thousands of children tested thousands of toys in more than 60 cities across the country. It's all part of the Great American Toy Test. Three toys in the category of games and puzzles made the "Fabulous 14" list this year.

At just $10, the



"Weather Blitz"

was a big winner among kid testers. It is an all-conditions football that is geared to be as tough as the conditions in which kids play -- rain, mud, ice or snow. The raised finger grooves and end surfaces make this ball easy to throw and catch.

The Nerf Pro-Shop "Weather Blitz" all-conditions football is for children 6 to 60.


Big Screen 20Q

, for children 8 and older, is a high-tech version of 20 questions. The hand-held toy contains a logic chip that claims to read players' minds. Players think of something and if the 20Q Big Screen does not guess the thought in no more than 20 questions, the player wins. The Big Screen 20Q costs $20.


Jakks Pacific's

Dora the Explorer Plug-and-Play TV game rounds out this year's "Fabulous 14" toy list. Fun for both boys and girls, simply plug it into a TV and travel with Dora and her friends into the natural world. There, children ages 5 and older use interactive decision-making to help the environment and score points for protecting plants, animals, water, land and air. The Dora the Explorer Plug-and-Play TV game is $20.

While they did not make the "Fabulous 14," children also liked the Espehera 3-D plastic spherical puzzle, for ages 12 and older and costing $30. For ages 4 and older, Milton Bradley's


was a popular choice. With this game, children try to load the mule's saddle before he decides to kick. Otherwise, everything goes flying. Buckaroo is $17.


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