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Restaurant Ratings By Request: Feb. 22

Posted February 22, 2007 7:58 a.m. EST

Restaurant Ratings by Request
What is your favorite restaurant? Would you like to know how clean it is? Submit your request to Five On Your Side to see how it scores with county health inspectors.

Feb. 22, 2007
JK's of Raleigh
North Hills
  • The restaurant did not have sanitizer at every food prep station.
  • Dry food was not stored properly.
  • Utensils were put away wet.
  • The employee restroom was dirty.

Recent Grades:
Oct. 2006: 90
June 2006: 91
March 2006: 92.5

Kanki Japanese House of Steaks
Mount Moriah Road
  • Dirty plates were stacked with clean ones.
  • The floor was dirty.

Recent Grades:
Nov. 2006: 97
Aug. 2006: 95
June 2006: 95.5

Tony's Bourbon Street Oyster Bar
MacGregor Park
  • The chowder wasn't cooled quickly enough.
  • A soda gun was dirty.
  • Fryer cabinets were dirty.

Recent Grades:
Jan. 2007: 94
June 2006: 97.5
Dec. 2005: 95

Trio Cafe
McPherson Church Road
  • Ice used to cool the soda system was also used for customer drinks. (A repeat violation from last time, but no points were deducted this time.)
  • A cooler was sitting on the floor, another repeat violation.
  • The dishwasher needed repair.
  • Some equipment was grimy.

Recent Grades:
Feb. 2007: 94.5
Sept. 2006: 93.5
June 2006: 95