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Restaurant Ratings By Request: Feb. 15

Posted February 15, 2007 8:12 a.m. EST

Restaurant Ratings by Request
What is your favorite restaurant? Would you like to know how clean it is? Submit your request to Five On Your Side to see how it scores with county health inspectors.

Feb. 15, 2007
Bill's Barbecue
  • BBQ, beans and yams were too cool.
  • Raw chicken and gizzards were too warm.
  • The dish machine wasn't sanitizing.
  • Pans and other utensils weren't cleaned thoroughly.
  • Inspector saw a roach, but no points were deducted.

Recent Grades
Dec. 2006: 92
June 2006: 88
March 2006: 91.5

Bonefish Grill
Six Forks Road
  • Some refrigerated food wasn't covered.
  • Cutting boards were too worn.

Recent Grades
Oct. 2006: 93.5
June 2006: 93.5
Feb. 2006: 93.5

Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill
Renaissance Parkway
  • A refrigerator wasn't cold enough.
  • The inspector found "scum" in the ice machine, soda machine and soda gun holder.
  • Utensils were not dried properly.
  • The floor was dirty.

Recent Grades
Nov. 2006: 92
July 2006: 90
April 2006: 93

NOFO at the Pig
Fairview Road
  • A blender, food processor, plates, bowls, coffee pots and utensils still had food "oils and debris" on them.
  • Food containers were stacked wet.
  • Dry food wasn't stored properly
  • A bottle labeled as sanitizer actually had cleaner in it.

Recent Grades
Aug. 2006: 90.5
April 2006: 89.5
Nov. 2005: 92