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Five On Your Side Hammers Down Problem With Wavy Floor Boards

Posted September 28, 2005 7:13 a.m. EDT

— Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they will not stay that way if they get wet and stay wet. One woman said a refrigerator repair caused that problem and she's been battling with the company ever since.

Pam Manning is upset about the swollen edges on the planks of her maple floor.

"The floor boards are popping and it looks like waves on the ocean," she said.

Manning said the problems happened two days after a Sears technician repaired her ice maker.

"I started looking around thinking, what's (that)? I hear water. Where's this water coming from?" she said.

Manning went to the refrigerator. She said a hose was pulled out and pushed up against the wall. She also said the trickling she heard was water hitting the wall and going behind the baseboard.

Manning turned off the water, but the damage was done.

"It was squishy back here. It takes a lot for wood to get that soft and it was soft," she said.

Manning called Sears. A technician came to assess the damage, then filed a report. When Manning called to find out the status, she was told her case was closed because she said there was previous damage.

"I was not happy and I said that's not the case," she said.

Sears later reopened the case then closed it again, then reopened it and made another appointment to assess the problem, but no one showed. Manning said Sears then told her the case was closed for good.

"For this to happen, it really is kind of disappointing and for them to not take responsibility for what they did is even more disappointing," she said.

Manning called Five On Your Side. The company would not talk with Five On Your Side about the problem, but a representative called Manning and told her to get three estimates.

Manning said she hopes it is the first step toward replacing the wavy floor boards.

So far, she said she has gotten two estimates in the $2,600 range and will get the final one Thursday. Sears has also given her a claim number with their insurance provider with instructions to contact them directly at this point.

Five On Your Side will keep you posted on what happens in this case.