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Lengthy Painting Delays Lead Woman To Five On Your Side

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Alison Kasbe
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — One good thing about not having rain is that outside jobs like house painting can get done. A Raleigh woman paid a local contractor a deposit to paint her house, but it did not get done. The question is how long should she have to wait?

Alison Kasbe's house is ready. The paint colors are picked out, but the house is not painted. On May 5, Kasbe signed a contract with Capitol Contracting Co., to do the job. She gave owner Bobby Follmer a $600 deposit. She said work was supposed to start in a couple of weeks.

When the crew did not show for the first scheduled date, Kasbe called Follmer. He rescheduled, but again, no one showed up.

"I phoned and left a message. I didn't hear back from him. I phoned the next day, didn't hear back. I phoned the following day and as it turned out it was every day that week that I left a message asking for a return phone call," she said.

Kasbe's husband then left a message saying if they did not hear something, they would hire someone else. She then e-mailed Follmer, asking for a response or a refund. He replied saying he thought she canceled, so he called off his crew. Now, she would have to wait.

In another e-mail, Follmer said he does not give estimated dates, saying that's "how I do business" adding that "patience is a virtue." After waiting for more than two months, Kasbe called Five on Your Side.

"It's been very frustrating," she said.

Five On Your Side called Follmer. He called Kasbe "impatient and demanding" and added "everyone understands that I come and do work when I am ready to do it." But, he agreed to refund Kasbe's $600 within 45 days because he does not have it right now.

Kasbe said once she gets it, she will hire someone else.

"We would love to get our house painted but we're just waiting and waiting and waiting and I'm learning that patience really is a virtue," she said.

That $600 deposit was 25 percent of the total. Five On Your Side usually recommends just 10 percent up front and then more as work is completed. That way, neither the contractor nor the customer gets stuck. Five On Your Side will keep you posted as to whether Follmer keeps his repayment promise.


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