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Harnett Man Remains Hot Over Backyard Pool Construction

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paul shellman
RALEIGH, N.C. — Many people build backyard pools to beat the heat. When that did not work out for a Harnett County man, he called Five On Your Side for help.

In March, Paul Shellman signed a contract with All Decked Out Leisure in Apex for his pool at a cost of more than $21,000. Shellman paid $7,500 up-front. He said he was told he'd be swimming in six weeks.

"We were looking forward to having a lot of people come over," he said.

When construction didn't start in April, Shellman said All Decked Out blamed the delay on rain. Meanwhile, Shellman agreed to add extras, which almost doubled the cost to more than $42,000, so he had to give All Decked Out another $7,300.

Shellman said construction was then supposed to start by the first week of June, but no one showed up until the night of June 24.

"Their crewman that installs the pools was out here at 6:30. He came out here with no equipment. All he came out with was a chainsaw to cut down the tree," he said. "It was a slap in the face."

Shellman told him not to do that. After two more weeks passed, he called All Decked out. Owner Charlie Januzzi blamed him for the delays. Shellman decided he had had enough. He wanted all of his money back, but All Decked Out said no.

"If he didn't tell us to stop, we would have been done with that project," salesman Jay Jones said.

Jones said the problem was Shellman could not decide what he wanted or even where he wanted to put the pool. He said he told Shellman he would try to make the first week of June, but did not guarantee it.

As for the man with the chainsaw who showed up at 6:30 at night, Jones insists a crew with heavy equipment was right behind him to do the prep work.

"It wasn't something that we were going to get done that night. You know we were going to, you know, start it on Friday and probably finish it up on Saturday," Jones said.

Jones still wants to build the pool, but Shellman still wants out.

"It frustrates me so much. It just gets my blood boiling," Shellman said.

Januzzi said he won't refund Shellman's money because he has too much into the project already. Shellman said he will go to court to try to get his money back.

Five On Your Side has six complaints against the company, five this year, including Shellman's. One complaint is resolved and the other three, Januzzi said he has already done what he is responsible for and has no intention of doing anything further.

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