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Restaurant Ratings By Request: Feb. 2

Posted February 2, 2007 7:51 a.m. EST

Restaurant Ratings by Request
What is your favorite restaurant? Would you like to know how clean it is? Submit your request to Five On Your Side to see how it scores with county health inspectors.

Feb. 2, 2007
Bogart's American Grill

Glenwood Avenue
  • Food temperature was a problem.
  • Ribs in a cooler were almost room temperature.
  • Chicken was 20 degrees too cool.
  • Refrigerated meat was too warm.
  • Salad dressing made with raw eggs had to be thrown out.
  • Cutting boards weren't properly washed after being used for raw meat.
Recent Grades
July 2006: 90
Feb. 2006: 91
Dec. 2004: 96

Brigs at the Crossing in Cary
NW Maynard Road
  • Damaged floor tiles
  • Cream that should have been thrown out was instead re-served after it was on a table.
Recent Grades
Nov. 2006: 99
Jan. 2006: 93
Oct. 2005: 96.5

Market Street
  • Inspector wrote "No Demerits today," but noted general cleaning of shelves was needed.
Recent Grades
Dec. 2006: 100
Aug. 2006: 97.5
May 2006: 96.5

Huske Hardware House
Hay Street
  • Problem with food storage and potential for "cross-contamination"
  • Pots and pans weren't air-dried and standing water was in a cooler.
Recent Grades
Nov. 2006: 94.5
Sept. 2006: 93.5
June 2006: 94

La Rancherita
Bass Lake Road
Holly Springs
  • Tortillas were on a table where a worker prepared raw beef.
  • Raw chicken was not thawed correctly.
  • The dishwasher was not sanitizing.

Recent Grades
Aug. 2006: 95
April 2006: 93.5
July 2005: 97