5 On Your Side

Wake County Man Gets Roofing Runaround

Posted June 24, 2005 11:42 a.m. EDT

— Five On Your Side gets lots of complaints in dealing with contractor issues. The advice is to get several estimates, check references and do not pay everything up front. A Wake County man did all of that and still could not get the company to finish, so he called Five On Your Side for help.

Water marks stain the walls of Tony Flores' attic. The problem were the side vents, which are supposed to keep the attic cool by letting air in, but they also let in rain.

"It gets so bad sometimes that we have to put towels down here to keep the water from hitting the inside of the house," Flores said.

Flores needed the problem fixed, so last October, he hired Olde Raleigh Roofing to do the job. He paid almost $1,400 upfront and agreed to pay $2,000 more when the job was finished.

The company was to remove the vents, cover the holes, install new siding and add a ridge vent on the roof. The ridge vent was installed within a couple of weeks.

"That's it. That's all they did," Flores said.

Flores called Olde Raleigh and was told crews were behind schedule and would be back in four to six weeks, which did not happen, so Flores said he continued to call and leave messages that were not returned.

"You can see the water damage coming down the walls," he said.

The delay meant eight more months of rain coming into the attic and leaking into Flores' bonus room, so he called Five On Your Side for help.

"It's just frustrating not having anybody call you back and let you know what's going on, so this has been pretty difficult to deal with," Flores said.

Five On Your Side called Olde Raleigh Roofing. Owner Daniel Terry checked into the situation and called the problem "a simple error," saying for some reason the file was closed out as finished.

"I just find that hard to believe," Flores said.

Flores also cannot believe Terry said he had not heard from him, but Terry called Flores immediately and promised to get the job done right away.

Flores told Five On Your Side Olde Raleigh came out Wednesday for the first time in almost eight months. On Thursday, a crew came back to paint. They have one minor thing to do and the job will be finished.