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TV Woes Lead Cumberland Man To Five On Your Side

Posted June 13, 2005 1:22 a.m. EDT

— When a Cumberland County man got caught in some red tape while trying to get his television repaired or replaced, he called Five on Your Side for help.

As soon as Gordon Clanton saw an enhanced definition TV, he knew he wanted it.

"When I first went in the store and looked at this television on the wall playing, I said to myself, I had to have one," he said.

Clanton loved the picture, but only a few months after he bought it from Circuit City, he noticed a problem.

"One little pin-striped line, a vertical line, almost in the middle of the screen appeared just out of nowhere," he said.

The line soon multiplied into seven, so Clanton called the number for his Cityadvantage extended warranty. A repairman came out, said the problem could not be fixed and recommended a replacement.

Clanton soon got a call, saying the television would be replaced and that someone else would call to schedule.

"That's where it went wrong. That person never called. The number they gave me I called probably four or five times a week, I left messages. Noboby ever returned my call," he said.

So Clanton called Cityadvantage warranty again, went back to the store where he bought the TV and complained to North Carolina's attorney general. But two months after the problem started, Clanton still had his broken TV, so he decided to call Five On Your Side.

Five On Your Side called Circuit City. A spokeswoman would not tell Five On Your Side where the communication broke down, but the company quickly called Clanton and arranged for delivery of a new TV.

"I think everyone who was involved agrees. It should have been replaced right away. It's just that something was lost in communication or whatever, and I don't know, it just didn't work," he said.

However, it did not end there. The company Circuit City arranged to deliver the TV did not show. Five On Your Side called again and now, Clanton has his new television.

From what Five On Your Side can put together, it looks like the repair company sent the replacement request to the wrong manufacturer.