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Warranty Mix-Up Leads To Runaround For Wake County Couple

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Warranties can be a benefit, but many times, different companies are involved in taking care of the problem, which can lead to miscommunication. In one case, it almost cost a Wake County couple a bundle.

Bob and Jane Murphy bought a high-definition plasma TV in 2002. They also paid Best Buy $500 to mount it on the wall, plus they paid for an extended warranty. They needed the warranty last July when the widescreen stopped working.

"They came, couldn't fix it, took it with them and the set was gone," said Bob Murphy.

The Murphys did not have a working TV for almost two months.

"We called and they were continuing to have trouble getting parts and making it work, so I asked them to consider replacing the set, which they promptly did," he said.

Best Buy sent a new plasma TV, but there was one problem. The mounting brackets were still attached to the old TV, which was still at the repair company.

As a result, the installation company Best Buy hired could not hang the TV. Then, when Murphy got the brackets, the installation company wanted $500 to come back.

"You're putting these screws in the proper holes and then and hanging it on the rack that's already on the wall. Now to me, that's not a $500 job," Murphy said.

Murphy said he made dozens of calls to Best Buy and the installation company. He said Best Buy finally offered to pay for half, which Murphy still does not think is fair.

"I can watch it. It works right where it's sitting, but the big deal is that I paid $500 to have it put on the wall and that's not where it is," Murphy said.

Murphy called Five On Your Side.

"I decided, 'Well, let's get Channel 5 involved. Maybe they can do something about it,'" he said.

A Best Buy representative told Five On Your Side company policy simply was not followed and then agreed to pay the installation fee. So Murphy's TV is now back on the wall where it belongs.

"I have a feeling some of them wanted us to just give up, but we had decided we weren't going to give up," Murphy said.

The installation company ended up only charging Murphy $150, which is what Best Buy reimbursed him. Plus, for his inconvenience, Best Buy sent Murphy a $100 gift card.

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