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State has millions in cash waiting to be claimed

Posted July 25, 2012 3:20 p.m. EDT
Updated July 25, 2012 6:00 p.m. EDT

— You could have money just waiting for you to claim.

The North Carolina Department of the State Treasurer is holding millions of dollars from things like forgotten bank accounts, old paychecks and insurance premiums.

We've been telling viewers about this for years. Still, a lot of people never check.

5 On Your Side just reconnected a Raleigh family with thousands of dollars, a big tax return Bo Batchelder thought he'd received.

He and a partner own several Taco Bells in South Carolina. As a successful business owner, Batchelder admits he can't believe he lost track of so much money.

"The amount was $11,615, a very significant amount," he said.

It comes from a 2008 amended tax return in South Carolina.

When 5 On Your Side called him about it, he contacted the State Treasurer's Office and knew exactly what he wanted to do with his windfall.

"It's more blessed to give than receive," Batchelder told us. He and his wife shared the money with three ministries they're very passionate about. First, his church, Church of the Apostles in Raleigh. Second, Mission Increase Foundation, which supports faith-based nonprofits. And third, Jobs for Life, which "transforms lives through the dignity of work," said Batchelder.

"We love all three of these charities and we've always wanted to give more to them," he said. "We felt it was a gift from God, discovered by WRAL, and given to us by the North Carolina Treasury ... so we wanted to definitely give it back."

Giving it back, he is.

And like a lot of people, he knew about the state treasurer's website.

"I'd heard about it, I thought like always, it didn't apply to me, so I didn't look for myself," he told us. Laughing, he added "but I will now."
Because as Batchelder found out, you never know when something might come your way.

To date, 5 on Your Side has helped viewers collect more than $456,000. Click here to see if you have any unclaimed cash.

You can check North Carolina along with other states where you or a family member may have lived. If you find something, let us know about it!