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Five On Your Side Helps Clear Credit Issues After Man Hits 'Dead' End

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — Non-payment, late payment and too much debt can negatively effect your credit score However, that is not what is keeping a Cumberland County man from getting a mortgage.

According to the three credit reporting agencies, Chad Humlicek is dead.

"I'm clearly not deceased. I'm right here," he said.

Humlicek found out his "deceased status" four years ago when he bought a car. When the dealership checked his credit report, it listed him as deceased.

The problem apparently started when First Premier Bank mistakenly reported he died.

"[It's] frustrating, embarrassing -- like if you're out and you apply for a Gap credit card and you get turned down," Humlicek said.

Over the last four years, Humlicek has filled out countless forms and made dozens off calls. He says he was told numerous times that the problem was fixed.

Now, time is running out. Humlicek is moving his family. They cannot buy a new house because when the mortgage company tries to pull his credit score, "They still come back as deceased," Humlicek said.

"Moving by itself is frustrating, but having someone report that your husband is dead and then trying to convince people that he's not, it's just very aggravating," Jennifer Humlicek said.

Humlicek called Five on Your Side. The three credit reporting agencies and First Premier blame each other for the continuing problem. All three credit bureaus now say they permanently deleted First Premiere from Humlicek's record.

"I can state that I'm alive -- for the record," he said.

Thursday afternoon, First Premier Bank called Five On Your Side to say they looked into it and found a clerk miscoded Humlicek's status as deceased.

Humlicek said his mortgage company checked his credit score and they confirmed it no longer comes up as deceased.


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