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Spray-On Siding Has Little Appeal For Wake County Homeowner

Posted September 1, 2004 5:03 a.m. EDT

— Spray-on siding is marketed as a thicker, alternative to paint. It is supposed to last "as long as you own your home." Reggie Venable says, technically, it did not last a day.

"It's so terrible. It makes me sick really," Venable said of the peeling paint, rotten wood and rough spots.

Venable says that was not what he was promised when he paid AmeriCoat $7,629 to put Alvis Spray On Siding on his house.

"They said this was superior to vinyl siding -- you wouldn't be able to see any seams," he said.

As part of the agreement, the company was first supposed to "repair or replace" "loose, damaged, or rotten wood."

Venable said, "It sounded real good."

An AmeriCoat crew did the work in March 2003.

"Right here the paint is peeling off," Venable pointed out.

Venable says he was promised the problems would be fixed if he signed off on the job.

"So I trusted him and I signed off on it, which was pretty foolish, I guess," he said.

Venable says he repeatedly called AmeriCoat and that it took six months for a representative to come out.

"He walked around the house with me and he said, "This is terrible. This is really bad. I'm going to take care of this right away. I never heard from him again," the homeowner said.

Venable kept calling. In March of this year he sent a letter threatening to call Five on Your Side. Within two weeks, another representative came out and took pictures. When nothing else was done by July, Venable called Five on Your Side.

"If it's possible, I want the job done right. I want what they promised," he said.

After Five On Your Side called AmeriCoat, workers came out and began repairs.

Office manager Ally Wagstaff blames the problems on "personnel changes." She says she just started in May and cannot speak to prior issues.

AmeriCoat of Raleigh has 12 complaints and an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau. Wagstaff would not discuss that.

Venable will be happy when all the peeling rotting and rough places are gone. His house should be completed in the next week or two.