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Five On Your Side Digs In To Dirty Job

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CLAYTON, N.C. — Lots of people in the state have to deal with North Carolina clay when doing yard work. That is why many people buy topsoil -- good, rich, dirt that is free of clay. That is what Faye Hudson wanted.

Hudson paid Red Barn Landscape Supplies in Clayton $190 for two loads of screened topsoil.

"It should be just regular dark, dark soil," she said.

In the soil, Hudson found sticks, balls of clay, a can, lots of rocks -- even a piece of cable.

"You don't see all this until you start raking it down. And I'd rake and pick up. Rake and pick up," she said.

Hudson went back to Red Barn and showed owner Bobby Hardee some of the things she picked out.

"I said, 'You didn't send me screened topsoil like I asked.' He said, 'It is screened.' I said, 'No. I've seen a screener and all that stuff does not go through a screener," Hudson explained.

Hudson says Hardee refunded $80 of the $190 she paid and promised the second load of soil would be fine.

That was not the case, so Hudson contacted Hardee again.

"He said, 'I'm not giving you no topsoil and I'm not giving you anymore money back,'" Hudson said. Then she called Five on Your Side.

Hardee called Hudson "hateful" and said she only had a "handful" of stuff in her topsoil. He said there's "no way" she has five or six buckets of rocks and things, but said if she does "she can have her money."

After Five On Your Side visited Hudson and saw that she does have what she claims, Five On Your Side called Hardee. He agreed to send her a check for the remaining $110.

Hudson is satisfied with that since she does not think she got what she paid for.

Hardee contends Hudson got screened topsoil. He said he does not know how those items got into the soil because it should not go through his screener.


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