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Raleigh company takes months to deliver $900 bagpipes

Posted May 8, 2012 6:22 p.m. EDT
Updated May 8, 2012 6:29 p.m. EDT

— A Utah man ordered a $900 gift from a Raleigh company, but it didn't arrive until 5 on Your Side got involved.

Michael Woodbrey of Keams, Utah, is a musical man. He plays several instruments, including the bagpipes. When his son showed an interest in learning them too, Woodbrey said, "I thought to do him a favor this year, I'd get him a set of pipes."

In December, he ordered the instrument from Ethnic Sounds in Raleigh. He paid the total price of $895.00 in full.

They were to be shipped to Woodbrey's son in Pennsylvania by the end of February.

"They never showed up," said Woodbrey.

He emailed the owner, Stuart Cullinan, several times, and called him, but never heard back.

"All I got was a recorded message saying leave a text," said Woodbrey. "I'm sorry, I don't text!"

Woodbrey contacted our Utah CBS affiliate, and they contacted 5 On Your Side.

We found out the business operates out of an apartment on Mayo Street in Raleigh.

The Better Business Bureau slapped Ethnic Sounds with an "F" rating after receiving 6 similar complaints from other customers.

One said they "never received goods that were paid for," another said "products never delivered and company never responded." Still another said they "never get an answer!"

When we called Cullinan he told us he'd been "having some problems" and that he "kind of shut down the business in January."

He said some of the BBB complainants did finally get refunds. As for Woodbrey, Cullinan promised to fulfill the order for bagpipes with an upgrade.

Thomas Woodbrey finally received the gift Tuesday, months later than expected.

He's got quite the learning curve ahead of him, to maybe join his dad in a duet the next time they’re together.