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Wake County Woman 'Floored' By Bamboo Job

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RALEIGH, N.C. — When a Wake County woman felt she was not getting the floor that she paid for, she called Five On Your Side for help.

Mara DeTurk and her family had to deal with a bunch of problems related to her floor. It started in December when DeTurk paid Floors Today on Capital Boulevard more than $4,400 for a bamboo hardwood floor.

Installers first glued down the boards, but two days later, DeTurk noticed gaps. So, she called Floors Today. Installers decided to remove the floor boards, scrape off the glue, and then nail them back down.

The workers started that process at the end of December. Workers came back out two more times, but still didn't finish the job. DeTurk said it still did not look right, anyway.

"We've got two different tones of floor. We've got scratches and we haven't had this floor for three months," she said. "So, what is this floor going to look like in two years?"

After more phone calls, a new manager came out in February to assess the problem.

"At that point, the manager said to me, 'What could we do to make you happy?'" DeTurk said.

DeTurk picked out a laminate flooring. The manager said he would pass that on to his bosses for approval and someone from corporate should be in touch with her. But a week and a half later, an installer called about finishing the bamboo.

"I think I just broke down in tears at that point," DeTurk said.

DeTurk called Five On Your Side, which contacted Floors Today. Manager Ross Edwards apologized and blamed the sub-contracted installers. After Five On Your Side's call, he said he "pushed it through" with corporate to replace DeTurk's floor with laminate.

DeTurk said the laminate floor was just installed and looks "great." Then, completely on his own doing, the president of Floors Today decided to give DeTurk the floor for free.

The store manager said that to ensure this kind of problem does not happen again, he now directly hires and oversees contractors.


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