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Vance Man Contacts Five On Your Side About Trashy Situation

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — So if a homeowner keeps their yard nice, but their neighbor's looks like a junkyard, what can they do? When Andy Fitzgerald couldn’t get the neighbor or Vance County leaders to do anything about the junk bordering his yard, he called Five On Your Side.

“It's a mess,” said Fitzgerald.

Among the junk are old cars, rusted barrels, and torn-up mobile homes. Fitzgerald even pointed out pieces of a mobile home that he said were dumped on his driveway easement until recently.

“Six months ago, he tore the aluminum off of it and tore it in half and left it right here,” said Fitzgerald.

He complained to Vance County and to property owner Bobby Ayscue. In November, the county sent a letter giving Ayscue 90 days to clean up the mess. That didn't happen.

Fitzgerald said little was done to clean it up until he called Five On Your Side.

“It's horrible. It's depressing. Everyday you get up, come out of your driveway. It's embarrassing when people come to visit you,” he said.

Bobby Ayscue's mother, Barbara Ayscue, lives just up the driveway. She said her late husband put all the junk on the property. She said now, five years later, her son is trying to clear it out.

“I wouldn't want to look at it, but we're doing what we can to get it done," said Barbara Ayscue. "That's what I'm saying. The world (wasn't) made in a day, so you know what, you have to have time to do stuff.”

“He’s making progress, “ says Ken Krulik, head of code enforcement with Vance County's planning department.

Krulik said the county fined Bobby Ayscye $300 for littering and dumping. But he said that since Bobby Ayscue is making an effort to clean up the property, he was granted two extensions.

“We want to not hammer people,” said Krulik, “We want them to clean things up. That's our main concern, to make sure we are getting some action to get things cleaned up. To improve the look of the property and the look of the county.”

Fitzgerald wants that too, and said that since he called Five On Your Side, the cleanup crews have been on the property more and are finally making progress.

Bobby Ayscue told WRAL he'll have the lot cleared by the end of the month, saying, "It wasn't accumulated in a day and it's not going to be cleaned up in a day." As for Fitzgerald, he just sold his house and moved.