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Five On Your Side Tackles 90-Year-Old's Leaky Roof

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Have you had a plumber, electrician, or other professional do repair work for you lately? If so, you know that repairs can be expensive. That's why you expect the work to hold and the company to stand behind it. But that didn't happen for Renee Bastianello.

Even at the age of 90, Renee Bastianello still has a passion for her garden. She loves her home too, except for its leaking roof and the brown spots it's created on her ceilings.

She said Billy Deans installed the roof about eight years ago. In February, he sent someone to repair it.

"He came down in 15 minutes and said to me, '$325 (for the repair,'" said Bastianello. "I said, 'What, for just hammering down the nails?' He said, 'Yes because we give a one-year guarantee on it.' I said 'Well alright, that's a lot of money for 15 minutes.'"

Bastianello paid the money. About a month later she noticed a leak in the same spot. She called the company and said she was told someone would repair it the next day.

"I sat here and waited all day," she said. "Waited for him and waited for him and he never showed up."

Bastianello said she left repeated messages, but no one called her back.

A few weeks later, she noticed another leak in a storage closet. Then last month, the spot in her kitchen showed up. Not knowing what else to do, she called Five On Your Side.

"If he has on there that he guarantees it for a year, he should come out," said Bastianello. "What is he waiting for, the whole roof to fall down?"

When Five On Your Side called Deans, he said he lost his copy of Bastianello's invoice, so he didn't have her number to call her back. He promised to have a serviceman call her.

But a week passed. After more messages, Deans called Five On Your Side, again promising to fix the problem. He didn't.

After weeks of leaving repeated, unanswered messages, Five On Your Side tried to find Deans. Instead, Five On Your Side found a brother who said Deans is in drug rehabilitation. The brother has nothing to do with the business, but promised to take care of Bastianello's leak anyway.

The next business day, Deans' brother was at her house to assess the problem. Bastianello said that a crew came, fixed the roof, and painted her kitchen ceiling. She said she's thrilled with the results.


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