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WRAL SmartShopper

Clearance sales everywhere!

Posted June 30, 2011 9:27 a.m. EDT

Have you been to the mall lately? Shopped online for clothes? Have you noticed that there are big clearance sales everywhere? It's true - retailers are marking items down in record numbers to make room for back to school and this means good deals are all over the place!

According to an article from Financially Fit, consumers are seeing  "sales reminiscent of the 2008 holiday season when merchandise was marked down 50% to 80%."  They are clearing out all the inventory that hasn't moved this spring to make room for the massive back to school promotions coming to stores soon.

I took my oldest daughter shopping at the mall last week. Now, I am not generally a mall shopper, but she had birthday money she wanted to spend at a couple specific tween clothing stores only found in the mall. These are stores you know I would never shop at for myself. The music is WAY too loud, the perfume smell is WAY too strong and the regular prices are so high I get dizzy thinking about them! But, she had her own money to spend and she wanted new clothes from these stores. The good news is that because she was spending her own money, she didn't want to buy anything full price so she could stretch her money a little farther. She ended up finding some very cute clothes at 50% off or more and we found that the clearance racks were full of marked down items.

Now might be a good time to do a little holiday gift shopping at 75% off.  For more information on the summer clearance sales, read the article from Financially Fit HERE.