Facebook coupons rant from reader!

You will not believe the e-mail I received from a woman about a Facebook coupon I posted. Really?

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Faye Prosser

You will not believe the e-mail I received from a woman about a Facebook coupon I posted. Really?

Here is Brenda B.'s lovely rant to me this morning:

"Hello, I was very excited to see the $1 coupon for Wendy’s summer salad- I’ve had it and it is great! So I knew I would enjoy it even more at $1 cheaper- Well I did not enjoy my experience in trying to obtain the coupon…I did not appreciate the site trying to force me to sign up for facebook. If I want to sign up for face book, I will CHOOSE to do it myself. So now I am left with no coupon AND a bad taste in my mouth with the antics from Wendy’s and your recommendation.

This is the first time I tried your blog/web site and I won’t be back….I feel tricked."

Here was my response to her and to others who feel the need to blast me every single time I post a coupon that comes from a manufacturer's or retailer's Facebook page:

"Wow - I am very sorry you are so upset about a Wendy's salad coupon. You must really like their salad. I made it very clear on the post that the coupon was from Facebook. I am sorry you do not wish to sign up for Facebook and that is certainly your option.

The blog we offer for FREE to readers includes coupons from many locations. Facebook is just one of the options and there are MANY very valuable coupons that companies post on Facebook. Your accusation that I am trying to trick you is ridiculous and I hope you are able to realize that all coupon sites post coupons from Facebook because there are many couponers who wish to save the most money simply by having an account. If I did not post these Facebook coupons, then readers would send me negative e-mail about not providing all the options. All the best to you in your money-saving endeavors.




Let me be clear. I am not posting coupons that require you to have a Facebook page just to make you mad. I am posting them to help you save money. That is my goal, and my only goal. If you don't want a Facebook page - fine.  I don't care either way. But you will not get the coupons. That's just the way it is. That is NOT my fault so please stop blaming me because you don't want to do something that I have done to save money. I will not stop posting Facebook coupons because some people have a hatred of their website. Now, I am going to get back to my regularly scheduled hours of blogging so we can all save some real money.


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