Coupon insert preview 5/22

Looks like there will be 2 coupon insert sections in the Sunday paper on 5/22 including a SmartSource insert and a Redplum insert. Read on for the list of probable coupons we will have....

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Faye Prosser

Looks like there will be 2 coupon insert sections in the Sunday paper on 5/22 including a SmartSource insert and a Redplum insert.  Here is the list of coupons we will have thanks to Keep in mind that some coupons may be different and some coupon values may be different than those listed.

I am very happy to see a Lipton tea coupon on the list since my hubby drinks it every day....many times a day. . I also like the Degree BOGO deodorant, Suave BOGO body wash and deodorant coupons. I REALLY hope we get a good Lipton coupon in our inserts!

Reminder: Because of the holiday weekend on May 29, there will be no RedPlum or SmartSource coupon inserts that Sunday.

Save $4 wyb any (2) Advil, Advil PM or Thermacare (no trial) (ex. 7/31/11)
Advil $1/1 any 40ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Advil PM $1/1 any 16ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Betty Crocker $0.75/2 any supermoist cake mix and ready to spread frosting (any flavors/varieties) (ex. 7/16/11)
Betty Crocker $0.50/2 any flavor/variety fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, or fruit roll-ups fruit flavored snacks (ex. 7/16/11)
Breakstone's $0.75/3 cottage doubles (ex. 6/30/11)
Breakstone's $1/1 any 4pk of cottage cheese (ex. 6/30/11)
Bob Evans $0.35/1 any refrigerated side dish (ex. 7/3/11)
Bob Evans $0.35/1 any sausage item (ex. 7/3/11)
Calgon $1/1 any bath & body products - excludes 2oz trial sizes (ex. 8/22/11)
Chock Full O' Nuts $0.75/1 any package (ex. 7/15/11)
Curad $0.50/1 any product (8/31/11)
Edge or Skintimate $0.55/1 any gel product excludes 2.75 cans (ex. 6/30/11)
Energizer $1/1 any batteries or flashlight (ex. 6/30/11)
Fiber One $0.50/2 any boxes, any flavor chewy bars or 90 calorie chewy bars (ex. 7/16/11)
General Mills Cereals $1/3 any boxes (many listed) (ex. 7/2/11)
Glade $1/1 any fabric & air odor eliminator product (7/2/11)
Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper $0.75/3 any flavor home cooked skillet meals (ex. 7/16/11)
Heinz 57 Sauce $1/1 any 10oz or larger (ex. 8/22/11)
Jergens $2/1 any natural glow moisturizer (excluding 2fl oz moisturizer) (ex. 7/30/11)
Lance $1/2 any sandwich crackers or cookies 8ct or larger (ex. 7/10/11)
Lysol $1/1 any disinfectant spray (6/21/11)
Lysol $1/2 any disinfecting wipes (6/21/11)
Marzetti $0.50/1 any Otria greek yogurt veggie dip (ex. 8/31/11)
Nature Valley $0.50/2 any flavor/variety granola bars (excludes granola thins) (ex. 7/16/11)
OFF! $0.75/1 any personal insect repellent (6/25/11)
OFF! $1/1 any Botanicals product (6/25/11)
OFF! $2/1 any clip-on mosquito repellent starter (6/25/11)
OFF! $1/1 any clip-on mosquito repellent refill (6/25/11)
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $0.50/2 any flavor/variety pastries (ex. 8/13/11)
Playtex $1/1 any cup 1ct or higher or mealtime item 2ct or higher excludes 1ct plate or bowl (ex. 6/30/11)
Raid B1G1 FREE any Earth Options spray up to $6.49 (ex. 7/16/11)
Resolve $0.75/1 any high traffic foam product (ex. 7/3/11)
Resolve $0.75/1 any product (ex. 7/3/11)
Schick $1/1 any razor or refill excludes 2ct disposables (ex. 6/30/11)
Swiss Premium Tea $0.75/1 any (1) gallon or (1) half gallon (ex. 6/26/11)
Tampax $1.50/1 any gentle glide or sport tampons 14ct or larger (ex. 6/30/11)
Thermacare $1/1 any 2ct or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Totino's $0.50/4 any flavor/variety products (ex. 8/13/11)
Tyson $1/1 any Any'tizers wings (8/22/11)
Wet Ones $1/2 any wipes products, canisters or singles (ex. 6/30/11)
Zest $1/1 any 18oz body wash (ex. 7/17/11)

Zest $1/1 any 3-bar multi-pack or larger (ex. 7/17/11)


Amdro $2/1 any ant block 24oz, any/roach syringe w/2 refillable bait stations or kills ants stakes 8pk *limit 1 per store* (ex. 9/30/11)
Bengay $3/1 any product - no trial sizes (ex. 7/31/11)
Breyer's $1/3 any blasts! 48oz (ex. 6/19/11)
Brillo $0.55/1 any 10ct or 18ct box of soap pads (ex. 7/24/11)
Brillo Estracell $1/2 any sponge products (ex. 7/24/11)
Caress $0.75/1 any tahitian renewal or cashmere luxury 12oz body wash or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Caress $0.75/1 any daily silk, evenly gorgeous, velvet bliss, glowing touch, sheer twilight or scarlet blossom 12oz body wash or larger or 6pk bars or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Color Oops $1/1 any box (ex. 10/31/11)
Degree B1G1 FREE men or women premium anti-perspirant & deodorant or body mist up to $6 (ex. 6/19/11)
Degree $0.75/1 any men or women anti-perspirant & deodorant (ex. 6/19/11)
Domino $0.75/2 any sugar products 2lbs or larger (ex. 7/31/11)
Domino $0.40/1 any 24oz organic or demerara sugar (ex. 7/31/11)
Fancy Feast $1/18 3oz cans of elegant medleys, any variety (ex. 8/22/11)
Folgers $0.25/1 any product (ex. 7/30/11)
Hellman's $0.25/1 any product 16.5oz or larger
Hungry Jack $1/1 any pancake mixes or syrup products (ex. 7/30/11)
Knorr $0.50/2 any rice and pasta sides
Lipton $0.40/1 any tea bags, to go or iced tea mix (ex. 6/19/11)
Magnum $1/1 any ice cream (ex. 7/30/11)
Marcal $1/1 any small steps product (ex. 6/30/11) *Limit 1 cpn per person*
Morton $0.35/1 any bottle of Season-All seasoned salt 5oz and above (ex. 7/15/11)
Morton $0.35/1 any 3lb coarse kosher salt, 26oz all-purpose sea salt (natural or iodized), sea salt grinder or new pepper grinder (ex. 7/15/11)
Natrol $1/1 any product (ex. 7/3/11)
No Gray $1/1 any box of 2 application (ex. 10/31/11)
People Style Watch $1/1 June issue of the magazine (ex. 7/17/11)
Pringles $1/3 super stack cans 180g or larger (ex. 6/30/11)
Pringles $0.50/1 any snack stacks or stix (ex. 6/30/11)
Pringles $1/2 any cans fat free 165g or larger (ex. 6/30/11)
Q-tips $0.30/1 any cotton swabs product (ex. 6/19/11)
Ragu $1.25/3 any pasta sauce (ex. 6/19/11)
Sara Lee $1/1 any 1lb or more of meat at the service deli *OR* (1) package of any pre-sliced meat located in the deli section (ex. 6/30/11)
Sevin $2/1 any product (ex. 9/30/11) *Limit 1 per store visit*
Shedd's Spread Country Crock $0.50/1 any (ex. 6/19/11)
Smucker's $1/2 any jam, jelly, preserves or fruit spread products (ex. 7/30/11)
Starbucks $1/1 any pint of ice cream (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any professionals dry shampoo or styling products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any professionals shampoo or conditioner products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/2 any men shampoo, conditioner or styling products (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave B1G1 FREE body wash or lotion - excludes sizes under 4oz up to $3 (ex. 6/19/11)
Suave $0.50/1 any deodorant product (ex. 6/19/11)
Vaseline $1/1 any product 3.1 oz or larger (ex. 6/19/11)
Wishbone or Western $1.50/2 any dressings (ex. 6/19/11)


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