Sunday coupon insert preview 5/8

There will be one coupon insert in this Sunday's paper. Here is a list of the coupons we should expect to get...

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Faye Prosser

There will be one coupon insert in this Sunday's paper. Here is a list of the coupons we should expect to get. Some of the coupons and amounts may be different but most should be pretty close to the same.  Thanks to for the preview!

I like the Wacky Mac, Smart Balance Milk and FREE Carefree (I hope we actually get this one!).

Air Wick Get Double Fresh warmer unit free wyb any Scented Oil refill up to $2.50 x6/19/11
AIR WICK twin refill or 2 single refills $1.00 off x6/19/11
Allegra 24hr 30ct+ or Allegra-D12hr 20ct or 24hr 10ct $4.00/1 x7/9/11
Allegra 24hr 5ct & 15ct, 12hr 12ct, Allegra-D 12hr 10ct, 24hr 5ct or any Childrens Allegra $2.00/1 x7/9/11
Arm & Hammer toothpaste, whitening booster or mentadent product 2.5oz+ $0.75/1 x8/31/11
Carefee pantyliners FREE 18-22ct up to $1 or $1 off other sizes x6/30/11
Cheerios $1.00/2
Clean & clear or Aquify eye drops $1.50/1
Clear Care $1/1 12oz+ bottle of cleaning and disinfecting solution x7/15/11
Clear Care $3/1 twin pack cleaning and disinfecting solution x7/15/11
Finesse $1.00/1 x8/15/11
Finesse rebate for 2 dollars for purchases between 5/8 and 8/15
GenTeal $1.50/1 any x9/30/11
Hanes 0.75/1 apparel item Target coupon x6/18/11
Hormel Always Tender flavored meat xany variety $1.00/1 x7/11/11
Hormel chili 0.55/2 x7/11/11
Hormel Compleats 0.55/1 x7/11/11
Hormel Compleats Kids $1.00/1 x7/11/11
Hormel Natural Choice Deli sandwich Meat 0.50/1 x7/11/11
Hormel Pepperoni pack 0.35/1 x7/11/11
Jack Daniel's 0.55/1 x7/31/11
Jack Daniel's 28 or 40oz barbecue sauce 0.75/1 x7/31/11
Kens 16oz $1.00/1 x6/30/11
Kens 8 or 9oz $1.00/1
L'Oreal healthy look hair color $2.00/1
L'Oreal Sublime Mousse $3.00/1 x7/3/11
Litehouse products $1.00/2 x8/31/11
Luster 1 hour white $4.00/1
Luster white 7 $1.50/1
Luvs 150-ct. or higher xBabies-r-us/Toys-r-us coupon $6.00/1
Mitchum advanced control deodorant $1.00/1 x6/13/11
Mountain High 32oz yoghurt 0.50/1 x6/30/11
Mountain High 64oz yoghurt $1.00/1 x6/30/11
Mrs. Dash seasoning blend 0.50/1 x6/30/11
Mrs. Dash $1 off fresh beef wyb one seasoning blend x6/30/11
Neutrogena naturals cleanser $1.00/1 x9/30/11
Neutrogena suncare item $1.00/1 x9/30/11
New York Style 0.55 off eggs wyb 2 bagel crisps x9/30/11
Newtons 10-14oz $1.00/1 x6/8/11
Northland dark fruit juices Raleys, Bel Air & Nob Hill foods store coupon (regional) $1.00/2 x8/13/11
o.b. $1.00/1 ets x6/30/11
Precious 10oz+ string cheese $1.00/1 x7/31/11
Precise pain relief heat, patch or cream $5.00/1
Purina 4.5lb bag Chef Michael's canine creations dry dinners $2.00/1 x6/4/11
Purina can Chef Michael's canine creations $2.00/6 x6/4/11
Purina 11.5lb bag Chef Michael's canine creations dry dinners $4.00/1 x6/4/11
Purina Beggin Strips B1G1 xup to 3.99 x8/8/11
Raid Max Bug Barrier Refill $1.00/1 x6/11/11
Raid Max Bug Barrier starter $3.00/1 x6/11/11
Reach toothbrushes, 2 single or 1 multi-pack, $2.00 off x8/8/11
Resolve in-wash stain remover $1.00/1
Resolve Laundry Pre-treat product 0.50/1
Schick slim twin or slim triple disposable razor pack excludes 2ct $1.00/1 x6/19/11
Schick slim twin or slim triple disposable razor packs excludes 2ct $3.00/2 x6/19/11
Scott $1 off 12 or more rolls of 1000ct bath tissue x6/19/11
Smart Balance cooking oil or cooking spray 0.75/1 x6/22/11
Smart Balance Omega Plus light mayonnaise dressing 0.75/1 x6/22/11
Smart Balance popcorn 0.75/1 x6/22/11
Smart Balance rich roast peanut butter 0.75/1 x6/22/11
Smart Balance milk $1.00/1 x6/22/11
Smart Balance buttery spreads or sticks $1.00/2 x6/22/11
Stayfree pads $1.00/1 x6/30/11
Tide laundry detergent ets Target coupon 0.75/1 x6/18/11
Tide stain release ets Target coupon $1.00/1 x6/18/11
True Lemon $1.00/2
Tyson frozen Grilled & Ready chicken $1.00/1
Tyson refridgerated Grilled & Ready products 0.55/1
Viactiv soft chews dietary supplement $2.00/1 x9/30/11
Wacky Mac 0.40/1 x12/31/11
Yoplait yogurt $1.00/10 x7/2/11
Zadiator $3.00/1 x9/30/11

Zantac $1.00/1 24ct+ x7/31/11

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