Thursday thoughts: Mystery shopping

Ever wanted to get paid to shop? If so, this week's frugal living topic is for you: Mystery Shopping. You basically get paid to evaluate the service at various companies. Getting paid to shop is a good thing! Thanks to Nancy, who provided this week's Thursday Thoughts!

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Faye Prosser

Ever wanted to get paid to shop? If so, mystery shopping may be just what you are looking for. If you have some spare time and would like to make a little extra money, mystery shopping can be a great way to put a few extra dollars in the bank.

This week's Thursday Thoughts is written by Nancy, our famous blog poster! I realized she was doing a lot of mystery shopping so I asked if she would share her thoughts on the process. Here is her article and she will be back on the blog later Thursday afternoon to answer questions and offer more information.  Thanks Nancy!

If you do any mystery shopping, feel free to share your thoughts as well as any mystery shopping companies you recommend.

Unraveling the Mystery to Mystery Shopping

As a mystery shopper of a few years, I often read about the fraud in that field. Indeed, there are even warnings on the web sites of valid companies that contract for mystery shops because their name is being used to try to perpetuate fraud in the field. There is a simple and clear path to becoming a mystery shopper and know that you are working for legitimate companies and that you will get paid for your efforts. And no, there is never a need to pay to become a mystery shopper!

Having said that, there is a clearinghouse of sorts for mystery shoppers called the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). They serve many purposes to both the mystery shopper and the legitimate companies in the field. MSPA can be used for shoppers who wish to become certified. There are two levels of certification and until recently, the silver level certification was free, now there is a small nominal fee of $15.00. There is a gold level certification, much more costly but involves a higher degree of testing. The whole purpose behind the certification is both to assure yourself that you understand the requirements of being an effective and thorough mystery shopper as well as adding a level of assurance to many contractors that you're capable of performing the work. It is not necessary nor do any mystery shopping contract companies require certification for you to perform shops for them.

I strongly suggest spending a lot of time reading on the MSPA website as it's an education source for mystery shoppers worldwide. They are always providing up to the minute information that helps you stay abreast of fraud in the field as well as which companies belong to MSPA and therefore provide a ready list of hundreds of mystery shopping providers who are legitimate and safe for you to begin your work as a mystery shopper.

You will not get rich being a mystery shopper, not unless it was a full time job and you performed what are referred to as 'route' assignments, which require great coordination to line up dates and locations and involves travel. But generally most mystery shoppers get involved because it's something they can do based on their own schedule availability and they are fun most of the time!

Generally the benefits are being paid a few dollars to file the online report and the reimbursement of a specific amount of money on products purchased, if required. Every business you can think of gets mystery shopped. Some are common and some not. The list and variety is endless! From funeral homes to banks, veterinary services to oil changes, outlet stores to grocery stores, gas stations to convenience stores, hotels to fine dining, new car dealerships to new home builders, tax preparation services to tobacco compliance shops. You name it, it probably contracts mystery shopping services!

That is the basic unraveling of the mystery shop 'mystery'. It's not mysterious at all if you know who you can trust and where to begin. For me it was MSPA and always will be the clearinghouse of all legitimate information and companies you might wish to become an agent for.



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