Excellent $2.50/1 Jose Ole coupon!

Go NOW! This $2.50 coupon good on any one Jose Ole product 16 oz or larger will not last!

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Faye Prosser

Go NOW! This $2.50/1 Jose Ole coupon will not last! These wil be a great price with the coupon when they go on sale. The coupon expires 2/15.

Here are the instructions to get this awesome coupon from the folks at the Wholly Guacamole HomeGating headquarters!

Instructions to download coupon:

 To get your coupon and big savings on Jose Ole®:

 1. Click on the link

 2. Click the "Download Coupon" button (located way down at the bottom of the page)

 3. Register on (if you haven't already) or login if you are already registered

 4. Download and print the coupon

 5. Head to your grocer's freezer section and pick up a package or two!

From the folks at Wholly Guacamole: The key to any successful football team is having a solid game plan. The same thing goes with game day entertaining at home. Bringing the right foods together is a crucial part of watching the big game with your family and friends. All Jose Ole® products - Taquitos, Mini Tacos, Quesadillas and Chimicahngas - are great tasting, easy to prepare and go great with Wholly Guacamole®, Wholly Salsa® and Wholly Queso®. It’s a winning game day combination that is sure to score plenty of compliments!

If the $1 coupon prints out, they are out of the $2.50 coupon.

Although at least one person got the $1 coupon and not the $2.50 coupon, others have been able to print the $2.50 coupon since then, so it looks like it still available at 3:50 pm on Thursday.


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