Monday meal plan 12-13 and Pantry Challenge!

It's time for a Pantry Challenge my frugal friends! Read on for all the details....

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Faye's Pantry
Faye Prosser

It’s time for a pantry challenge, everyone. What that means is that we will be eating out of our fridge, freezer and pantry for about 80% of our meals this week. The only things I really plan on buying for us to eat this week are milk and produce. I have everything else I need and it’s time to use some of it up! I did shop at HT and Lowes Foods late last week so I have already purchased the deals I have referenced in the meals below. Anyone game for a fridge and freezer clearing pantry challenge? You will need the space for all your holiday leftovers anyway so why not clear it out this week and save a little money?!

If you choose to accept this challenge (said in my official sounding voice), post some of your frugal, creative, boring or fabulous pantry meals. Anything counts so get creative!  By pantry meals, I mean anything that you already have in your the fridge, freezer and pantry.

Baked ravioli (BOGO at HT a few weeks ago)
Steamed butter and parmesan carrots (2 lb bag of carrots on sale at Food Lion for $1.39 through 12/14)

Rolls (.50 marked down from Kroger a few weeks ago and stored in freezer)

Tuna casserole (No Yolks noodles BOGO this week at HT with .50 coupon from 10/10, green pepper .59 from HT e-vic sent to me in Friday e-mail, already have tuna, cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, onion and cheese)
Rolls (more of the rolls from last night)

Sugar snap peas

Scrambled eggs (free from Harris Teeter’s meal deal a couple weeks ago)
Simply potatoes Southwestern hash browns (BOGO at Food Lion a couple weeks ago)

Tangerines (on sale just about everywhere right now – look for citrus at $1 per lb or less)

Spinach quesadillas (using Green Giant frozen boxed creamed spinach, tortillas, rice, cheese, sour cream and guacamole– all of which I have at home)


Palermos pizzas


Shrimp and pasta (Shrimp is BOGO at Food Lion this week, I have some in freezer from a few weeks ago, pasta is free this week at HT and .09 at Lowes Foods with the .55/1 printable Mueller’s coupon posted in the grocery deals this week – it’s on the website)



Not sure yet – maybe a sandwich buffet with macaroni salad (Lunchmeat and sliced cheese on sale at HT through 12/14 BOGO)




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