Update on Lowes Foods gift card promo

Here's an update on the Lowes Foods gift card promo I posted about a couple days ago. The gift card and required purchase amounts vary depending on spending history.

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Faye Prosser

There is a nice new Lowes Foods gift card promotion going on. It varies from person to person depending on how much you usually spend at the store. I received a notice at the bottom of my receipt that indicated the following: Spend $200 or more within 4 weeks and receive a $10 Lowes Foods gift card. Some folks receive a $25 gift card when they reach $400 in purchases in the 4 week period.

Make sure you use your Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card when you make your purchases so they are credited to the right account. A total will print out after each purchase with the amount you still have left to purchase in order to receive your gift card reward.

Thanks to Lowes for seeing the original post on Twitter and clarifying the details.

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