Change in CVS competitor prescription transfer coupon policy

Went to CVS tonight to pick up my transferred prescription and had a little surprise.....

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Faye Prosser

I transferred a prescription from Kroger to CVS this week. When I went to pick it up tonight, I got a little surprise. The 40/42 location (between Garner and Clayton) no longer takes competitor's prescription transfer coupons. I had a transfer coupon from Rite Aid for a $25 gift card and they have accepted these for years and years at this CVS. Well, not any more. I do understand that they are loosing money on people like me who transfer prescriptions and use these coupons, but a little warning would have been nice. They did offer to transfer it to another location so I could use the coupon, but I needed the prescription tonight and didn't have the energy to go someplace else and wait for them to fill it.

So, heads up - make sure you ask your CVS store BEFORE you transfer a prescription if they still take competitors prescription transfer coupons. I'll speak with corporate tomorrow to see if this is a company-wide change or just one this store or district has implemented.

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