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Frugal and portable lunch ideas needed

Posted October 21, 2010 9:22 a.m. EDT

We need your ideas! Anna posted on another thread that she needs some ideas for lunches for her husband. Here is her request.

"I would enjoy any ideas that you and/or your blog readers might have for thrifty/healthy lunches. My husband has been eating sandwiches for the last umpteen years and is sick of them! However, he is usually on the go and not near a microwave where he can warm up something. Lunch has to be kept in a cooler, easily accessible, and quick. I am really in need of some new and creative ideas in this area!"

I bet we could all use some ideas for frugal lunches that you can eat on the go. Here are a few things I prepare when on the go:

Bagel with cream cheese

Tortilla roll ups with herb cream cheese, turkey, spinach and tomato

Chicken salad with crackers (instead of sandwich)

Cold pizza (really it's good anytime of day, breakfast included lol)

Salad with grilled cubed chicken

Pita bread sandwiches (adds a little something different to the sandwich concept)

My girls actually like plain cold tofu cubed with soy sauce on it

So, what other ideas do you all have???