What do food expiration dates really mean?

Check out this article abotu food expiration dates and how you could be throwing away perfectly good food every week!

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Faye Prosser

I just read an interesting article about food expiration dates. Basically, it states that many foods are good after their expiration dates so don't automatically throw something away just because the date on the carton has arrived. Frugal folks have long known this tidbit of info, because it pains us to throw any food away! I was talking to a Harris Teeter manager a few months ago and he told me they guarantee the quality of their canned soups for up to a year after expiration date. In the end, it's all about quality and whether the product looks or smells spoiled. Obviously some foods last longer after expiration than others, but don't assume a product is no good just because the date stamped on the bottom has come and gone. Enjoy the article and please share any expiration date stories you may have.

Here's my story: A couple years ago, I had a whole turkey in the bottom of my chest freezer that I bought at HT the previous year for about .19/lb. I remembered it was there about a year later and wasn't sure how tasty it would be. I called Butterball who assured me it was safe to eat but that it may be a little dry. We cooked it up and it was excellent, despite being in the freezer for over a year.

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