Deal finding music....

I found some new music to keep me entertained while I work on drug store deals. Thought I would share my find.

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Faye Prosser

While I work on finding the deals and matching the coupons each week, I like to listen to music. Actually, I like to listen to music while doing just about everything, but especially while on the computer for hours at a time. I found a singer/songwriter tonight that I am really enjoying. The funny thing is that I listened to this singer back in the 80's as a teen when he was the lead singer of Men at Work, the Australian band famous for the song "Down Under". Now in his 50's, Colin Hay is still going strong and I am thrilled I discoverd his music...again.  The song I seem to keep playing over and over, while typing deals about Crest and Purex, is called "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin".  I am a sucker for acoustic guitar and soulful singing and he does both, beautifully. Click the link in the box to hear the song and enjoy!

Any favorite music you just can't seem to stop listening to?



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