New Rite Aid coupon policy!

Rite Aid has a new and thorough coupon policy that should make life easier for couponers everywhere!

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Rite Aid
Faye Prosser

This week I received an e-mail from Eric with Rite Aid about their new coupon policy. I am quite impressed with it's detail.  They clear up a lot of questions about what can and cannot be combined. The good news is that most coupons can be stacked (manufacturer coupons, store coupons, +UP coupons, SCR). I love that they spell out that when an item is on sale BOGO and you have a BOGO coupon, both will be free!

I have suggested that they add information about manufacturer coupons with barcodes that begin with a 9 because they only mention those that begin with a 5.  You'll see what I mean when you read the policy.

If you play the Rite Aid coupon and rebate game, I suggest you print out the policy and keep a copy in your coupon organizer in case you (or the store employee) needs any clarification.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if Walgreen's came up with a similar policy?!


Rite Aid – Coupon Acceptance Policy

To Our Valued Customers:


Rite Aid gladly accepts the following coupon types as detailed in the coupon acceptance guidelines listed below:


Manufacturer Coupons

· Manufacturer coupons are found in newspapers, magazines and even affixed to products. The UPC on these coupons begins with a "5."

Rite Aid Manufacturer Coupons

· Rite Aid Manufacturer coupons generally appear in our weekly circular, on our website and are sent to customers via e-mail. These coupons are labeled "manufacturer coupon" and have a UPC that begins with "49."

Rite Aid Valuable Coupons

· Rite Aid coupons are labeled "variable coupon" and have a UPC that begins with "48."

Internet/Print at Home coupons

· Rite Aid will accept Internet/print at home coupons up to the equivalent value of $5.00 off.

· A Rite Aid coupon (with the Rite Aid logo) is NOT considered an Internet coupon (even if printed off the Internet) and is therefore not subject to the $5.00 maximum.

+UP Reward Coupons

· +UP Reward coupons are special coupons earned by a customer in a prior purchase that can be used for any nonprescription purchase with a small number of exclusions that are listed on the +UP coupon. Multiple +UP coupons can be used (subject to the printed exclusions) up to the amount of purchase before sales tax.

Buy One, Get One Free

· We accept two coupons for the purchase of two items that are on Buy One, Get One Free Promotion.

· We accept a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon with an item that is in our flyer as Buy One, Get One Free, meaning both items are free. The cash register will compute any sales tax due, which varies by state law.

Total Purchase Coupons

· Rite Aid may feature total purchase coupons which discount the total purchase amount based upon meeting specific requirements. For example, $5 off a $25 purchase price threshold coupon.

· These coupons are accepted under the following conditions:

o The coupon is valid and in date; only one total purchase coupon per transaction.

o Total purchase equals or exceeds $25 before tax (before any coupons are applied).

o Coupons for individual items can also be used including another "48" coupon that is tied to an item in the transaction.

o Provided the total of items purchased is equal to or greater than the purchase requirement, other coupons can be used in conjunction with the total purchase coupon.


General Guidelines:

· Coupons must be valid and in date; Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.

· Register will validate coupon through scanning or keyed entry of the coupon UPC number.

· In the event that any item's selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Rite Aid will accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is allowed.

· When making a return for a product that had a coupon attached, Rite Aid cannot refund cash for the value of the coupon and cannot return the coupon that was used.

· Rite Aid reserves the right to not accept any coupon where the validity or the coupon cannot be established.

Multiple Coupons

· More than one coupon can be used on the purchase of a single item under the following conditions:

· All coupons match the item being purchased.

· The total of the coupons is equal to or less than the selling price of the item before sales tax.

· No more than one "48" Rite Aid valuable coupon, one "49" Rir,eAid Manufacturer coupon, and one "5"manufacturer coupon can be used on a single item.

· Rite Aid may accept multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers within the store manager's sole discretion.


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