2nd Quarter 2010 grocery spending

Wondering how much I spend per month on groceries? Here are my 2nd Q totals....

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I receive a lot of questions from people about how much I actually spend per month. Here are my monthly totals including the amount I spent, the amount the products would have cost before sales and coupons and the amount I saved.

The purchases include food, paper products, bath and beauty products, over the counter items (Tylenol, bandaids, etc), dog food and cleaning supplies. I buy for a family of 4 including 2 adults and 2 kids, ages 9 and 11 and one 70 lb. dog who really likes dog biscuits!  My goal is $70 per week. Let's see how I did this quarter....

Total amount of product before sales and coupons: $2875.81

Total amount saved: $2104.87

Total amount spent: $770.84

Percent saved: 73%

Average per week: $64.23 - whooo hoooo! I came in under the budget. Happy me! 

For those wondering how in the world it's possible to only spend $64 per week, there is definitely a set of techniques I use every week to keep me within my budget. I stock up on the best deals, use the drug store rebates to get bath and beauty and over the counter items for free or close to it, buy produce and meat on sale, meal plan and grow a garden. If you are new to the blog, use the drug store deals I post on Sunday and the grocery deals I post on Wednesday to help you save some serious money this month!

How did everyone else do last month?



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