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Monday meal plan 7-5

Posted July 5, 2010 12:14 a.m. EDT

This is one of those weeks when the meal plan is going to be rather sparse. With relatives in town, we are eating together at my dad’s house a number of times and going out to eat at least once. This is a week where I am planning less meals than more, which happens every once in a while (but not very often!). Please feel free to post any frugal meals you are enjoying this week.


Tofu stir-fry with zucchini (from the garden), carrots, onions and mushrooms
Egg rolls (free Kahiki egg rolls from HT super doubles last week)
Watermelon (on sale for $2.97 at Lowes Foods through 7/6)

Tuesday – Friday

Up in the air


Hummus on pita bread (Sabra hummus on sale at Lowes Foods through 7/6. Sale price is $2.99 - $1 coupon from 6/27 (but we didn’t get it here – I ordered it from thecouponclippers.com). Total after sale and coupon = $1.99.

Tomato, spinach and cucumber salad (veggies from garden)

Pasta salad


Batch cooking grilled chicken breasts (bought at Lowes Foods last week for $1.79/lb. We’ll use three of the chicken breasts for dinner Sunday night and then freeze the other six for another night. Before freezing, I will cube some of them and shred some of them to use in future meals including soft chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, stir-fry chicken, etc. I’ll freeze them in freezer bags in single meal sizes so when I need chicken for a meal, I just need to grab one bag from the freezer, thaw and use.

Gilled zucchini slices marinated in light Italian dressing

Mashed potatoes