HT Express Lane $1.95 all summer long

Harris Teeter has lowered the amount they charge to use the Express Lane to $1.95 during the summer.

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Faye Prosser

If you enjoy the convenience of using the Express Lane, you'll be interested in knowing that Harris Teeter has lowered the amount they charge per shop to $1.95 all summer long. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Harris Teeter Express Lane, it allows you to order your groceries online, pull up to the Express Lane parking space in front of the store and an employee will bring your groceries out to you. If you have coupons, they will be credited to your next order.

Although I haven't used this type of service with Harris Teeter or Lowe's Foods in a very long time (because you know I am just too cheap to pay the fees!), it can be a huge help to those with younger children, those who aren't able to shop easily, those who may have a sick child and others. At $1.95 per shop, that's a pretty good deal.

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