New coupon kiosks in Food Lion

You may have noticed some new coupon kiosks in Food Lion. Read on for more details about how they work.

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Food Lion
Faye Prosser

Food Lion is rolling out new coupon kiosks to stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia this year.  My local Food Lion in the 40/42 area between Garner and Clayton has one and it is definitely another good resource for savings!

Here's how it works:
  • Swipe your MVP card under the card reader at the kiosk.
  • The kiosk then searches their coupon database and finds offers based on your past purchases.
  • A page worth of coupons then prints out including some for store brand products and some for national brand products.
  • The majority of the coupons are only good the day you print them out.Actually, I have only received coupons good on the day I print them out but I have read where others received some dated into the future.
  • Some of the coupons are store coupons with a Food Lion logo.
  • Many of the coupons are Point of Sale coupons that are sent to the manufacturer from the retailer for redemption. They do not say Manufacturer Coupon on the coupons, but they sure seem like manufacturer coupons. They all start with a bar code number "9" so they will not double at Harris Teeter, Lowe's Foods or Kroger (if these stores will even take them). Nowhere on the POS (point of sale) coupons does it have the Food Lion logo or any indication they are store specific, but because they don't clearly indicate Manufacturer Coupon, some other stores many not take them. We shall see.

Make sure you swipe your card the next time you are Food Lion and you may save a little extra! If your Food Lion has the kiosk, please post here and let us know.

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