Monday meal plan 5-10

This week I'm making flounder, creamy crockpot chicken, tuna casserole and more. Enjoy!

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Faye Prosser

This is a busy week at the Prosser house so no terribly time consuming dishes on the menu during the week. Of course I'll cook at least one meal in the crockpot and there's an easy tuna casserole in the plan. I'm looking forward to the flounder with veggies on Saturday. Cooking in the foil packets helps the fish and veggies retain so much flavor. I hope your week is full of frugal and delicious meals!

Veggie chicken sandwiches on whole wheat rolls
Side of spinach pierogies


Tuna and noodle casserole with green peppers and onions

Sugar snap peas

Creamy crockpot chicken with mushrooms

Cheesy rice and broccoli

Bowtie pasta with tofu and Bertolli vidalia onion pasta sauce

Peas and garlic bread

Beef and cheese quesadillas
Mexican rice


Baked flounder with veggies in foil packets
Mahatma rice


Depends on the sales starting Wednesday…. Probably something on the grill


Cost breakdown of bowtie pasta and tofu meal on Thursday:

Barilla mini piccolini bowtie pasta - Free from Lowes Foods a month ago with sale and coupon

Bertolli pasta sauce - .60 at HT triples with .75/1 coupon last week

Tofu - $1.75 at Trader Joe's

Peas - Free Steamfresh veggies from Lowes with sale a coupon a few weeks ago

Garlic Bread - .99 load of french bread

Total for meal: $3.34



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