Monday meal plan 3-22

This week's entrees include Mediterranean-style chicken, teriyaki tofu and grilled London broil.

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Mediterranean-Style Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta
Faye Prosser

This week's new recipe is Mediterranean-Style Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta from It's low fat, high protein and high fiber - what more could you want?! The link to the recipe is found in the box to the right. We are also having baked flounder, teriyaki tofu, london broil and semi-homemade pizzas.

Semi-Homemade Cheese and Veggie Pizza (see cost breakdown below)


Mediterranean-Style Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta (see recipe link in box above)
(Instead of feta I am using 4 oz. low fat 2% mozzerella cheese)

Pear Slices ($1.00/lb at Kroger last week)

Baked Flounder (see cost breakdown below)
Baked sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes are on sale at HT through 3/23 for .79/lb)

Sauteed Zucchini and Onions

Spinach and Feta Pierogie Casserole with sautéed green peppers and mushrooms

Garlic Bread

Grilled London Broil (on sale at Lowe’s Foods for $2.39/lb through 3/23)
Spinach Salad

Cantaloupe ($1.79 at Food Lion through 3/23)


Not quite sure yet……

Teriyaki Tofu and Veggie Stir-Fry (tofu $1.79 at Trader Joe’s)
Brown Rice (Free Steamfresh at Lowe’s using .50 coupon and 3-week store coupon)

Egg Rolls (frozen Kahiki egg rolls .50 from HT super doubles a couple months ago)

Cost Breakdown for Monday Pizza Meal:

This pizza is semi-homemade because I am using a pre-made refrigerated pillsbury pizza crust (vs making my own crust). All I have to do it roll it out, add the toppings and cook.

Pillsbury Pizza Crust .40 (with sale & coupon a couple weeks ago at Lowe’s Foods)

Pizza sauce .40 (on sale with coupon at Lowe’s Foods about a month ago)

Cheese .50 (Kraft cheese on sale with coupon and promo at Kroger last week)

4 oz. Mushrooms $1.00

½ Green Peppers .50

½ Onions .25

Side of Broccoli (free Steamfresh veggies from Lowe’s Foods using 3-week store coupons and .50 manufacturer coupon doubled)

Milk for kids: .30

Total for Meal for 4 people = $3.35

Cost Breakdown for Wednesday Flounder Meal:

1 lb. Flounder (Beacon Light Frozen Flounder BOGO at Lowe’s Foods a couple weeks ago) - $3.98

Olive Oil .25

Garlic .25

Sweet potatoes .60 (bought in bulk for .30/lb from local farmer in late fall)

Zucchini and onions $1.50

Milk for kids: .30

Total for Meal for 4 people = $6.88


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