Reader questions: Appliances & organizing stockpile

One of our fellow smart shoppers has two questions including where to buy appliances and how to organize her stockpile. Read on for her request and please share any thoughts you have!

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Faye Prosser


One of our fellow smart shoppers e-mailed two questions to me hoping that some of you could help her. Please share any thoughts you have!

From Heather:

"I recently just purchased a brand new house. I am looking for a new refrigerator and blinds for the entire house. Do you happen to know of any places that offer great deals on these two? These are two huge purchases for me and I want the best but save as much as I can. I know you have so many resources and I didn't know if you would post on the blog for me? Every little advice helps.

Also, if anyone has some great suggestions on organizing my stock pile in my brand new garage or pantry, please let me know. I will be looking around for shelving as well. I am new to the whole couponing thing and my poor one bed room apartment has felt its strain. I want the new house to be nice and organized."

Congratulations on your new house Heather!

I suggest Garner TV and Appliance (and their scratch and dent section).  When it comes time for us to buy a new fridge, we will head there first.

Regarding stockpile: I have actually slimmed down my stockpile in the last year. I have realized that I don't need as much on hand as I used to keep. The sales are cyclical and I am constantly replenishing without having to spend a bunch of time going back to the same stores multiple times during the week to buy overstock items. I have been too busy with work and the kids to juggle multiple trips to the stores these days but I have found that we still have plenty for us and to donate and I don't need a huge overstock. Everything fits in my food pantry and the non-food items all fit in my bathroom and bedroom closet.

My biggest recommendation regarding overstock is to practice FIFO: First In, First Out. The pasta you buy this week goes to the back of the overstock and the pasta you bought 3 weeks ago moves to the front (as long as the expiration dates are sooner, of course). That way you will use up your older stock before it expires.

What other suggestions do you have for Heather?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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