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Thursday thoughts: Donating expired coupons and more to our troops

Posted October 6, 2011 1:49 p.m. EDT
Updated October 6, 2011 8:17 p.m. EDT


Did you know that you can donate your expired coupons to our U.S. military who are stationed overseas and have access to a commissary? They can actually use our expired coupons for up to 6 months after they have expired! Here's a new resource for donating your coupons that is much easier than those we have recommended in the past! We also have a great way to donate some of your overstock to help our military this holiday season. 


Recently, Nancy, here on the blog recommended a site new to me, CoupsForTroops.com It offers a very easy way to donate your expired (and in-date) coupons. There’s no sorting or counting needed. You simply cut them out of the inserts, stick them in an envelope and mail them to CoupsForTroops in Winnabow, NC. The organization then mails them to specific families who are stationed overseas. You also have the option to send them directly to a family through their direct mail program.

This is such an easy way to give back for all the hard work these men and women do for us everyday. The families who move overseas with their military spouses are so appreciative of these coupons because coupons are just not available in places like Germany, England, Japan and Guam.

This is also a wonderful project for scout troops, business groups, church groups, mom's groups and any group you belong to. Each time your group meets (or about once a month for businesses), bring your expired coupons and have a different person mail them each month. Depending on the size of the group, you may only be responsible for mailing the coupons out once a year or less.They also encourage those donating coupons to include a thank you note to our military as well.

Click HERE for more information on Coups For Troops.

SECU Supports the Troops Donation Project

If you are looking for a local way to support our troops with donations of products they may need, here’s an easy way to donate. The SECU branches are collecting donations through October 31 to send to the troops. Thanks to Linda for sending me the list of items needed!

Here are the details:

2011 Wish List 2011 for "SECU Supports the Troops!"

All donations should be NEW and must be able to fit in a 10" x 5" box. We need travel size products only to maximize the number of items we can include! Please note: We cannot send any items in pressurized (aerosol) cans or glass containers.

Food Items:
Snacks (individual packages of crackers, cookies, trail mix, protein bars, dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, hard candy - no chocolate that can melt)
Powered drink mixes (small, individually sealed packages)

Bar soap
toothbrushes (individual packages)
Dental floss
Disposable razors (small packs
Moist towelettes
Sunscreen (SPF 50)
Insect repellent wipes with Deet

Medicine/First Aid
Antacids (small packages)
Tylenol/Advil/Aleve (small bottles/packages)

Socks - above the ankle/crew (white or black)

Decks of cards
Travel games (small handheld size only)
Puzzle books (small handheld size only)
Post card size stationery/pens/pencils (no full-size notebooks or paper)

Bring all donations to a local SECU branch by October 31st and thank you for helping to support the troops!

If you know of other drop off locations for donating items to the troops, please post them in the comments section below.  Together we can all say thanks to our troops and their families overseas!