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Clean your shopping cart!

Posted May 25, 2010 12:22 p.m. EDT

Have you noticed the "sanitizing wipes" stands now placed at entrances of many grocery stores? The Harris Teeters I go to all have them. If I happen to pass right in front of the stand-- I sometimes grab one and wipe my hands and the handle of the shopping cart-- just in case. But according to Consumer Reports, we should ALL do that, EVERY TIME we shop. The reason, they say-- germs really can lurk on the handles, and you can then transfer those germs from your hands to the food you buy. Especially NOT GOOD when it involves fruits and veggies you'll eat raw! And Consumer Reports says you should wipe your hands again when you leave-- to get rid of any germs you picked up while in the store. Overkill? Plenty of people probably think so-- but at least its an EASY precaution to take-- just in case!
There are some other simple just in case strategies for grocery shopping that can really help protect you from getting sick from contaminated FOOD! They involve everything from your shopping patterns to expiration dates. Tonight at 5, we'll share a few of them and show you a MUST HAVE item for safer grocery shopping! I have it in my car right now-- just in case!   Any guesses for what it is?

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