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Do you have a dry cleaner disaster story?

Posted May 11, 2010 10:54 a.m. EDT

     I remember one time back in high school when a dry cleaner SAVED me!  I "borrowed" one of my sister's skirts out of her closet after she went to work-- and then spilled NAIL POLISH all down the front of it!  Talk about panic!  At the time-- I was sure she would kill me!  But thank goodness for that dry cleaner who cleaned the skirt in a little more than an hour!  I had it back hanging in Dee's closet before she ever got home! To this day-- or at least until she reads this-- I don't think she ever knew!

  But many people have DRY CLEANER DISASTER stories to tell. Tonight, we have a story about a ruined WEDDING DRESS-- and the wedding hasn't happened yet!  The bride bought the gown  off the rack so she wanted to have it cleaned before she wore it.  Wait until you see what it looked like when she got it back from the Durham dry cleaner!  The manager blames the fabric-- leaving the bride-to-be with few options.

   Have you ever taken something to a dry cleaner, and then picked it up to find it in worse condition than when you dropped it off? Or maybe the cleaner LOST the item-- and you never saw it again!   How did the dry cleaner handle it?  If they didn't resolve it, what did you do?



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