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Posted March 24, 2010 1:01 p.m. EDT

Are you completely frustrated with doing your taxes? Whether you actually file yourself, or you just get all of the paperwork together for someone else to do them-- you probably have questions. Today WRAL is Here to Help with answers!
Starting at FOUR this afternoon... We'll have a group of what are called Enrolled Agents here, VOLUNTEERING their time to take your phone calls and answer your questions!
So what are Enrolled agents? They are FEDERALLY licensed tax experts. They can represent taxpayers for audits, collections, and appeals.. And they help taxpayers prepare and file their income taxes.
Some of the tax issues they can help you with:
Maybe you got married last year.. had a baby.. Maybe you bought a house or took advantage of one of the many tax credits available this year involving home improvement projects..or the purchase of a new car!
To find an E-A in your area, just go to www.naea.org.
The experts are Here to Help for THREE full hours, from 4p- 7p!
We'll post the number here on WRAL.com and scroll it at the bottom of your T-V screen as soon as the phone lines open!

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