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Watch Out For Job Scams

Posted March 1, 2010 1:03 p.m. EST

Desperate times ALWAYS attract con artists! We’re hearing a lot lately about scams that target people looking for a job. Tonight at 5, we have a story about a young woman who was using the internet to search for a job-- and thankfully-- was quick to see the red flags of a major scam! It involves scammers trying to get her personal information through a fake credit check!
The scammers get resume information online and then pretend to be an employer-- or even post bogus jobs. Often their ads and correspondence include stolen logos so that it looks really legit! And these con-artists are really good at scamming! Many highly educated people are being taken! Scammers will claim they need your social security number to start the process, or your bank account information to set up a required direct deposit. Don’t EVER give out that information until after you are CERTAIN the company is legit and that you’ve landed the job. Some other red flags according to Privacyrights.org:
-They ask you to scan and send your driver’s license or other official i.d.
-A contact e-mail that is not a primary domain. For example a company name with a Yahoo! e-mail address
-Misspellings and grammatical errors in the job ad and correspondence
-Correspondence words and phrases that are tip-offs to fraud: “money transfers,” “wiring funds,” “eBay,” & “PayPal.”
Those are some of the “red flags” that tipped off the complainant in our story tonight. We all hope her story will help keep others from being taken!

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