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Triple your coupon savings!

Posted November 3, 2009 6:05 p.m. EST

It’s another TRIPLE chance to save money! Just a reminder—Harris Teeter starts another week of TRIPLE COUPONS tomorrow! The savings can really add up. And I noticed a lot of items on the list are things you might want to stock-up on for the holidays! For an early peak at the bargains, go to www.savvydollar.org where “insiders” post lists by categories. It makes it really easy to create your grocery list and match up coupons before you go. By the way, if you’re an H-T regular and you haven’t signed up online for the e-VIC program, you should. Each week, they send out a special that only e-VIC customers are eligible for. For example, this week, you can get one 5 pound bag of HT sugar for just 99 cents! Savings like that will make the holiday treats you bake with it, that much sweeter!

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