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5-year-old sings to American flags

Posted May 29, 2018 3:24 p.m. EDT

— The American flag is in the spotlight on Memorial Day, but the stars and stripes take center stage every day for a Triangle girl.

Kinsley Weaver, 5, usually has little interest in the destination when she is in the car with her father. But she's always very interested by what she may see while on their journey.

The little girl is always on the lookout for an American flag and when she sees one she honors it -- by saying the pledge.

And each time, she finishes with a patriotic song.

The little girl may be small but her American pride is huge.

"She'll always look for flags," said her mother, Lindsay Weaver.

Kinsley's parents say she learned to show respect for the flag at pre-school. The family recently captured video of her singing at a local mall -- proof that she stops no matter what is going on.

"It made me very proud that she was focusing on that," Lindsay Weaver said.

"I've seen her stop, if she sees the flag on TV, and put her hand over heart and say the pledge of allegiance," said her father, Jonathan Weaver.

Kinsley's parents say her daughter's devotion has opened their eyes and minds.

"She starts to ask questions and it gives us an opportunity to explain to her what the flag represents and why we believe we should honor it and give it respect," Jonathan Weaver said.

Her parents say even though Kinsley focuses on the flag every day they also taught her about the meaning of Memorial Day.