5 tips for the ideal summer surfing getaway

The shores of Wrightsville Beach are perfectly suited for riding waves and a variety of water sports activities.

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The shores of Wrightsville Beach are perfectly suited for riding waves and a variety of water sports activities. Here are five quick facts and tips you should know before planning your ideal summer surfing getaway.

1. Wrightsville Beach Takes The Trophy

Known as a pioneer in East Coast surfing since 1909, "National Geographic" named Wrightsville Beach among the {{a href="external_link-15688384" rel="nofollow"}}world's best surf spots{{/a}} and one of the {{a href="external_link-15688385" rel="nofollow"}}"Last Best American Beach Towns."{{/a}} But that's not all. "Surfer" and "Men's Journal" magazines have referred to Wrightsville Beach as {{a href="external_link-15688389" rel="nofollow"}}one of the best surfing beaches{{/a}} in the United States. Experience for yourself some of the best surfing around in a social island community this summer.

2. Shop 'Til You Drop

Once you get to Wrightsville Beach, several local favorites can hook you up with your own surfboard or with a rental board. Try {{a href="external_link-15688391" rel="nofollow"}}Sweetwater Surf Shop{{/a}}, {{a href="external_link-15688393" rel="nofollow"}}Surf City Surf Shop{{/a}} or {{a href="external_link-15688398" rel="nofollow"}}South End Surf Shop{{/a}}. Sweetwater attracts surfers from around the world with its O'Neill/Sweetwater Pro-Am held on Wrightsville Beach, which has grown into one of the largest surfing contests on the East Coast and lasts for three days.

3. Dinner With A View

At Wrightsville, the surf never leaves you -- even when you break for dinner. Enjoy restaurants with ocean views and fresh seafood. For dinner right on the beach, try {{a href="external_link-15608937" rel="nofollow"}}Oceanic Restaurant{{/a}}, which features live music on the adjacent Crystal Pier on select Fridays. If you prefer views of Wrightsville Beach’s Intracoastal Waterway, dine at {{a href="external_link-15608941" rel="nofollow"}}Bluewater Waterfront Grill{{/a}}, which also boasts live music and panoramic views including the nearby marina and sailboats. Or if you’d rather overlook Banks Channel, enjoy a meal at {{a href="external_link-15688402" rel="nofollow"}}South Beach Grill{{/a}}, famous for its seafood nachos.

4. Surf's SUP!

Wrightsville Beach hosts events that attract some of the best standup paddlers in the world throughout the year. The island is home to {{a href="external_link-15688406" rel="nofollow"}}Wrightsville Beach SUP Surf Pro-Am{{/a}}, a two-day standup paddleboard event in April. This year's event featured the largest standup paddle surf prize purse on the entire East Coast, with the potential for a combined purse of $9,000 -- that's enough to inspire anyone to give SUP surfing a try! Spend this summer practicing your skills for next year, or get ready for the Surf to Sound race taking place in November.

5. Learn to Surf

Wrightsville Beach boasts several options for {{a href="external_link-15547163" rel="nofollow"}}surf camps and lessons{{/a}}. Book a weekly day camp at {{a href="external_link-13843537" rel="nofollow"}}WB Surf Camp{{/a}}, or select one of the teen overnight camps or Guppy Ocean Safety Adventure Camps for the littlest surfers (ages 6-10). For surfer girls, {{a href="external_link-15688407" rel="nofollow"}}Crystal South Surf Camp{{/a}} puts on the Wrightsville Beach Wahine Classic, an all-female surf competition.

From sunrise to sunset, Wrightsville Beach has the surfing and many other water sports activities like sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding you seek.

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