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5 things for November 9: Trade blame game

Posted November 7, 2017 6:25 a.m. EST

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1. Trump in Asia

After a day of pomp and circumstance in Bejing, President Donald Trump got down to business with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump and Xi met for two hours, talking about North Korea, human rights and China's controversial territorial claims in the South China Sea. Xi announced $250 billion worth of business deals between the two countries. Trump, who blasted China over its trade practices on the campaign trail, actually praised the Chinese for them in Bejing, saying he doesn't blame China for taking advantage of the United States. He put the blame on past US administrations. Up next: a state dinner in the Great Hall of the People.

2. Texas church shooting

Vice President Mike Pence met with the families of the victims in the massacre at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Pence told them "faith is stronger than evil" and that their strength had inspired the nation. Despite losing half its congregation in the shooting, the church will hold a service Sunday at a community center next door. Meanwhile, the investigation into shooter Devin Kelley continues. The FBI has his cell phone but has so far been unable to access its content.

3. Russia investigation

Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn has expressed concern about the potential legal exposure of his son, Michael Flynn Jr., who, like his father, is under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Flynn's concern could factor into decisions about how to respond to Mueller's ongoing investigation. The special counsel is looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign as well as the business dealings of key campaign advisers to President Donald Trump.

4. Puerto Rico

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will start transporting Hurricane Maria survivors from Puerto Rico to the US mainland. Priority will be given to the 3,000 people still living in shelters more than a month after the storm hit the island. Many evacuees may end up in New York or Florida. Puerto Rico's governor selected the two states, which have large Puerto Rican populations. FEMA hasn't flown such a huge number of people out of a disaster zone before, and the operation will take awhile to set up, so it's unclear when flights will start.

5. Air Force racist graffiti

It was an awful incident that generated a fiery response. Racist slurs targeting black cadet candidates were found at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School in Colorado. The academy superintendent's forceful reaction to it went viral. Turns out it was a hoax. The Air Force Academy says one of the black cadet candidates actually wrote the racist messages. He's been kicked out of the school, but the Air Force says it stands behind the superintendent's powerful denunciation of racism. 


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