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5 things for June 5: Paul Manafort, Iran, Supreme Court, volcanoes, Trump & Eagles

Posted May 22, 2018 6:25 a.m. EDT

— History was made in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom issued its first driver's licenses to women. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.)

1. Russia investigation

The Special Counsel's Office has accused Paul Manafort of attempting to get witnesses to lie for him in court, and they've asked the judge to send him to jail as he awaits his trial, according to a filing in DC District Court Monday night. One of the witnesses told investigators recently that Manafort wanted them to commit perjury about a lobbying effort they worked on for him in the US, the filing said.

Manafort is currently out on house arrest and a $10 million unsecured bail. He awaits a trial in Virginia that is scheduled for late July and a trial in DC scheduled to begin in September. He has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his failure to disclose his US lobbying work for a foreign government and to bank fraud and other financial crimes.

2. Iran

After President Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal last month, Iranian officials threatened to increase uranium enrichment. Now, it looks like they're about to make good on that threat. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has reportedly ordered preparations to begin to increase the enrichment of uranium starting today. Khamenei promises the increase would stay "within the framework" of the nuke deal. This raises the pressure on the European nations still in the deal to make sure Iran continues to comply with it.

3. Supreme Court

A Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple got a win at the Supreme Court. The 7-2 decision found that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission showed hostility toward the baker because of his Christian beliefs. But the narrow focus of the ruling means the Supremes are leaving the bigger constitutional questions about religious liberty -- and whether gay people can be denied goods or services because of a merchant's religious beliefs -- to be answered another day.

4. Volcanoes

The death toll keeps rising after the eruption of Guatemala's Fuego volcano. At least 69 people are dead, and rescuers are braving scalding ash and the risk of mudslides as they try to find survivors and retrieve bodies. Volcanic ash has now covered a 12-mile radius. Meanwhile in Hawaii, earthquakes are still rocking the Kilauea volcano's summit, and lava has covered nearly 5,000 acres on the Big Island. At least 117 homes have been destroyed since the lava began pouring last month.

So, why has the volcano in Guatemala been so much deadlier than the one in Hawaii? The answer is speed. Lava from Kilauea moves much slower than the dangerous mix of ash, rock and gases spewing from Fuego. This mix, known as pyroclastic flow, can race down a volcano at hundreds of kilometers per hour.

5. Trump and the NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl championship will be celebrated at the White House today. But the champs won't be there. President Trump disinvited the team from the traditional White House celebration amid the controversy over NFL players not standing for the National Anthem. Trump put out a fiery statement that pretty much questioned the team's patriotism and accused the players of not wanting to "proudly stand" for the anthem (even though none of the Eagles took a knee during the regular season.) Trump instead invited the team's fans to "celebrate America" with him during a ceremony featuring the United States Marine Band and the United States Army Chorus.



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