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5 quick ways to protect yourself while online shopping

Posted November 27, 2017 10:15 a.m. EST

— Online scammers are not just an issue on Cyber Monday. Protecting yourself while shopping or working online is a year-round necessity.

Here are five ways to keep yourself from becoming a cyber fraud victim.

First, double check the website address is secure before checking out. The "s" in "https://" means the website is secure, and, usually, you'll see a green lock icon.

Be sure to look for misspellings and errors in the web address -- that's another red flag.

Experts also suggest you make sure your security software is up-to-date. The newer the update, the more difficult it is for ID thieves to steal your information.

Another often overlooked precaution is to never shop with a debit card. Protections are very limited, and if thieves gain access, your account could be wiped out. Use a credit card instead so you can dispute fraudulent charges.

The final top is to be careful of ads you'll see all over pages you visit. Some hide malware meant to infect your computer.

As you shop, take just take a couple of extra seconds to make sure you're not making it too easy for the scammers.